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Girls Islamic Organisation – Overview

Girls Islamic Organisation India (GIO) is the daughter organization of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. It’s a student organization that works for the upliftment and growth of female students and young women and to release their true potential in molding society’s future. After functioning under the Women’s Wing of JIH for a while, GIO was established as a full-fledged state-level organization. It now actively works in 18 Zones across the country.

Women are the foundation of a family and thus of a society and hence their role is crucial. We aspire to provide space for women to come together, express, and nourish themselves while preparing them for the betterment of society.

Even after forty years past the Mandal Commission recommendations, there remains gross inequality among the opportunities provided for Other Backward Communities(OBC).  The organization focus on enabling educational upliftment, progress in socio-political conditions, entrepreneurial advancement and equal space for the women of marginalized communities. The organisation will make conscious efforts to develop a free and open space where anyone can raise their voice and question the injustice faced by them.

National Federation of GIO

The organization has a presence in almost every state in India, working under the respective state councils. The National Federation of GIO is a consolidation of all GIO zones in India. It will be headed by a National President and General Secretary and will comprise a Federal Committee having representatives from all GIO states for a term of two years.

The Federation will coordinate interaction and sharing of ideas between the states, and address and give voice to the prominent issues of National concern. We look forward to making GIO a space for women to come together, express and nourish themselves while preparing them to fight the challenges of society.

Mission: The mission of the Federation is to prepare female students and young women for reconstruction of the society in the light of divine guidance from Allah.


AimSome of its aims and objectives are as follows:

●︎  To cultivate true knowledge and understanding of Islam among female students and young women to lead their individual and collective lives in absolute submission to Allah.

●︎  To mobilize girls to act as torch bearers of morality and ethics for uprooting social evils.

●︎  To take steps to ensure that females practically receive the rights that Islam has bestowed upon them.

●︎  To promote moral values in the educational system, and a better academic & moral atmosphere in educational institutions.

●︎  To provide all-around development for every individual female, nourish their talents, and make them an asset to society.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the GIO zonal office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

Events & Programs
Women and their challenges in Free India – MAP
  • September 29, 2022
  • Live at Facebook
Influencer of the Youth Prophet Muhammed (PUBH) – MAP
  • October 22, 2022
  • Live at Facebook & YouTube

Men and women, both are created to obey the Almighty, our Creator, and to spread the message of Truth and establish Peace. While we acknowledge and celebrate women’s roles in their homes and in their families, we can not neglect their role and their importance in society.

Sumaiya Roshan
President, National Federation of GIO



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All India Zones
Our Structure

The Federal Committee of GIO was made with 25 members on the National level which shall decide the course of action for the 2 years of the organization.

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Committee Members

GIO works in Female youth & Students within varied subjects as Morality, Education, Women Rights ETC

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National Federation of GIO