Influencer of the Youth Prophet Muhammed (PUBH) – MAP

  • October 22, 2022
  • Live at Facebook & YouTube

In the October Session of Monthly Awareness Program, we discuss about the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH focusing on how he was able to influence the youth. Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a man who has touched millions of lives. He was the one who was loved by young, old, children, youth, men and women. His life was and is a complete and perfect example for people of all nations and of all eras. There is no moral excellence, the perfect example of which was not demonstrated in his lifetime. With growing uneasiness between youth and old today, there’s a need to take a deep dive into the Prophet’s life (PBUH) and bring forth the values on how he dealt with young and what he got in response. 

Speakers for this session are Sister Farha Khalid who was a member of GIO Karnataka and is a budding entrepreneur in the field of Skills Development for Children and Youth. 

Sister Afra Shihab has a Bachelors in Islamic Theology, Al Jamia Al Islamiya, Kerala, Masters in Contemporary Fiqh, Al Jamia Al Islamiya, Kerala and is currently Studying Diploma in Arabic, Qatar University, Doha. She is a District Committee Member of GIO Malappuram, Kerala.

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2022-10-222022-10-22Europe/London Influencer of the Youth Prophet Muhammed (PUBH) – MAP Live at Facebook & YouTube
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Influencer of the Youth Prophet Muhammed (PUBH) – MAP
  • October 22, 2022
  • Live at Facebook & YouTube

Men and women, both are created to obey the Almighty, our Creator, and to spread the message of Truth and establish Peace. While we acknowledge and celebrate women’s roles in their homes and in their families, we can not neglect their role and their importance in society.

Sumaiya Roshan
President, National Federation of GIO
National Federation of GIO