Women and their challenges in Free India – MAP

  • September 29, 2022
  • Live at Facebook

Monthly Awareness Programs (MAP) are an initiative to create awareness on various subjects among girls and provide a platform to hear and be heard. In the Monthly Awareness Program of September, we discuss Women and their challenges in Free India. Women continue to struggle for their basic rights, face discrimination and are still only aspiring for a better future even after 75 years of Independence. Recent cases of Bilkis Banu, Safoora Zargar and many other instances in the past reflect the challenges of women even today. To further this discussion and talk about women in different fields and different spaces in society, we have a wonderful panel who have been working and engaging in different discussions around women and their challenges. 

  • Mrs. Rahmathunnissa Abdurazack is the National Secretary of JIH and Chief Editor of Aura E-Magazine 
  • Sister Shayma. S is a Ph.D. at the Centre for the Study of Law and Governance and Sub Editor of Aura E-magazine.
  • Dr. Sharnas Muthu is the General Secretary of Women’s Manifesto.
  • Sarah Mathews is an Educationist, Writer, Civil Rights, and Women’s Rights Activist.

Watch Our Monthly Awareness Program (MAP)

2022-9-292022-9-29Europe/London Women and their challenges in Free India – MAP Live at Facebook
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Women and their challenges in Free India – MAP
  • September 29, 2022
  • Live at Facebook
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Men and women, both are created to obey the Almighty, our Creator, and to spread the message of Truth and establish Peace. While we acknowledge and celebrate women’s roles in their homes and in their families, we can not neglect their role and their importance in society.

Sumaiya Roshan
President, National Federation of GIO
National Federation of GIO