Social Justice in Islam – MAP

  • February 26, 2023
  • Live at Facebook & YouTube

This was the session that highlighted the injustice one does in his/her daily life and people’s common mistakes. This session also covered how we as women can play significant role in inculcating justice in this male dominated society by following footsteps of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and how smaller steps can become a big reason for bringing the change in society.

Speaker: Sania Mariam – Founder of Muslim Women’s Study Circle, pursuing PhD in Internatonal Relations and Politics from IIT-Bombay Monash Academy

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2023-2-262023-2-26Europe/London Social Justice in Islam – MAP Live at Facebook & YouTube
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Men and women, both are created to obey the Almighty, our Creator, and to spread the message of Truth and establish Peace. While we acknowledge and celebrate women’s roles in their homes and in their families, we can not neglect their role and their importance in society.

Sumaiya Roshan
President, National Federation of GIO
National Federation of GIO