Women Education and Islam: Understanding the Divine Guidance – MAP

  • January 28, 2023
  • Live at Facebook & YouTube

This session focused on Islamic perspective on female education and their access to Islamic and worldly education which is importance in the development of the family, society and the world. It also covered historical precedents from the time of the Prophet and after him that throws light on its importance. It also focused on its importance on educating the men’s folk on this subject and their contribution to further this cause and what must be the role of the state to provide opportunities to women. Lastly it was concluded with how Muslim women’s education is under threat lately and what should be our response and how do we counter it.


  • A.S Fathima Muzaffer – National President of IUML Women’s Wing, Executive Committee Member of AIMPLB
  • Syed Tanveer Ahmed – Director of Taleemi Board and Media Department, JIH Markaz
  • Rahmathunnissa Abdulrazack – Nationak Secretary, JIH Women’s Wing

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2023-1-282023-1-28Europe/London Women Education and Islam: Understanding the Divine Guidance – MAP Live at Facebook & YouTube
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Men and women, both are created to obey the Almighty, our Creator, and to spread the message of Truth and establish Peace. While we acknowledge and celebrate women’s roles in their homes and in their families, we can not neglect their role and their importance in society.

Sumaiya Roshan
President, National Federation of GIO
National Federation of GIO