Girls Islamic Organization elects its first National President and General Secretary

31 July, New Delhi: Girls Islamic Organization (GIO), one of the foremost women’s organizations of India, elected its first National President and General Secretary. On the 30th of July 2022, Advocate Sumaiya Roshan (from Karnataka) became the first President of the National Federation of GIO, and Samar Ali (from Kerala) became the General Secretary. In a significant development, GIO, which earlier worked at the level of state councils was consolidated and formed into a National Federation. The new dispensation will be headed by a National President and General Secretary and will comprise a Federal Committee having representatives from all GIO states for a term of two years. The Federal Committee meeting was conducted from 29th to 31st July. 


GIO is a non-profit organization and has been actively engaging on various issues regarding women in general and Muslim women in particular across the country since1984. The organization has a presence in almost every state in India. Over the past few years, GIO at the state level has been working on the overall development of Muslim women and will continue to do so. At the National level, the objectives of the Federation will be to coordinate interaction and sharing of ideas between the states, and to address and give voice to the prominent issues of National concern. GIO aims to provide space for women to come together, express, and nourish themselves while preparing them to fight the challenges of society. Its scope of work will revolve around the said objectives, not limited to Muslim issues but women issues in general and issues of national importance. Being part of the largest democracy in the world, every citizen of the country must be provided with equal opportunities to evolve themselves and attain their highest potential. Despite immense efforts and development, women in India continue to face discrimination in all possible manner. Even after forty years since the Mandal Commission recommendations, there remains gross inequality among the opportunities provided for Other Backward Communities (OBC).  The organization focuses on enabling educational upliftment, progress in socio-political conditions, entrepreneurial advancement, and equal space for the women of marginalized communities. The organization will make conscious efforts to develop a free and open space where anyone can raise their voice and question the injustice faced by them.


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Samar Ali
General Secretary
National Federation of GIO

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