Justice Delayed is Justice Denied; Withdraw Govt Order on Hijab Ban-GIO

Several hundred thousand Muslim girls have been deprived of education due to the hijab ban in Karnataka. With the split verdict of the Supreme Court, Muslim girls are being withheld from their rights and excluded from the educational sector. But Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia’s judgement in the Supreme Court, recognizing their right to choice and dismissing the hijab ban order issued by the Karnataka government, offers hope. However, the interminable wait for justice dilutes the constitutionally guaranteed individual rights. The delay in settling matters impacting the future of a large section of the student community is concerning. Considering the long wait and the observations of Justice Dhulia, the K’taka Government Order on the ban must be withdrawn allowing admission of Hijabi students to educational institutions. We also urge the court to expediate the matter. 

The National Federation of Girls Islamic Organization (GIO) expresses its utmost solidarity with the concerned students and stands with them in their future struggle.

Sumaiya Roshan
National Federation of Girls Islamic Organization (GIO) 

14th October 2022 – New Delhi

National Federation of GIO